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Our Technology

Our digital twin is used to simulate millions of combinations of machine settings to arrive at the optimum feed rates and spindle speeds setting for a given process prior to manufacturing.


Every machine tool generates unique resonant frequencies that can be diagnosed via a simple tap test using equipment supplied by our partner, Kistler. This resonant frequency diagnosis is an essential input to our digital twin for the analysis across the toolpath using specific cutting tools.

We combine tap test data with our optimization to produce a stability map, identifying chatter-free spindle speeds.

A human operator with years of experience cannot be certain that the best settings have been achieved; the optimum combination is not necessarily intuitive but thanks to our unique stability map, we eliminate harmful chatter vibrations across the toolpath providing increased productivity and superior part quality.

Why Productive Machines

Streamline Manufacturing

Increase productivity, reduce cycle times and save money with easy to use subscription app

Sustainable processes

Avoid wasted time, energy & material. First-time manufacture  with fewer iterations

Quality Assurance

Eliminate errors and produce parts with optimal surface finish and dimensional accuracy

Preventative Maintenance

Monitor spindle health and prevent unplanned downtime

Empower engineers

Bring expert machining strategies to the shop floor

Equipment reliability

Carry out shop floor machine tool acceptance tests

Eliminate Chatter for


Chatter elimination optimizes the cutting, reducing material waste and supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.


The longer cutting-tool life achieved through chatter reduction means less need for frequent replacements.


Reduced vibrations lead to lower electricity consumption during machining.

Enhanced Product

Chatter elimination results in improved product precision, reducing defective parts.

Extended Equipment

Smoother machining operations reduce machine wear, prolonging the life of CNC equipment.

Safer Work

Reduced cutting noise improves workplace safety and contributes to a healthier workplace.


Feed Rate Calculator

This web app offers instant optimized feed rates applied to straight milling operations with a flat end cutter. It can be used for process planning of untested milling operations to diagnose production issues by prediction of cutting forces the cutting tool experiences in the process. Its output can also be used while designing fixtures for the milling process.

Customer Input

Axial and radial depth of cut

Feed rate

Spindle speed / Cutting speed

Workpiece material (Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Inconel)

Operation type (down milling, up milling, slotting)

Tool geometry (diameter, number of flutes, helix angle, pitch angle, rake angles)

Customer Output

Cutting Forces in Feed, Cross Feed and Axial directions

Side Load (Resultant of Feed and Cross Feed forces)

Maximum chip thickness

Cutting torque

Cutting power

Material Removal Rate (MRR)

Feed-rate optimization for a user defined process characteristics constraint

Spindle Speed

The Spindle Speed Calculator app helps
engineers to select the right set of
parameters for profiling providing spindle
speed and depth of cut combinations
achieve stable milling processes.

Customer Input

FRF data

Tool geometrical features

Milling parameters

Workpiece material

Customer Output

Stability lobe

Why use tap testing in combination with Productive Machines web apps?

To predict and identify the stability of machining operations against chatter vibration before cutting any metal

To assess the process transferability between the machine tools in the shop floor

To support the machine tool acceptance tests

Identify safe spindle speeds for machining by combining an understanding of the behaviour of the installed cutting tool and tap testing.

Plans and Pricing for our Apps

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TapStarter - Launch Bundle

Get one year free Essential Optimization and tap test training when
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Predictive Maintenance

Inspect the health of your spindle to extend tool life and prevent downtime
(requires FRF data).

Free of charge

(first year)

Feed Rate

Apply optimal feed rates to optimize the cutting forces of your machining process to increase speed.

£49/month billed annually

(when billed annually)

Essential Optimization

Apply optimal Feed Rates and Spindle Speeds to achieve the fastest chatter-free results (requires FRF data).


(when billed annually)

Tap testing solutions

Gain insights into your machine's dynamics by collecting and analysing FRF data with our tap test hardware kit and DigiTap standalone software application.

Tap test hardware kit


DigiTap standalone software