Maximise productivity of machine tools

Design machining processes for lower cycle times, improved dimensional and surface quality and reduced waste


Maximise Productivity

Digital Twin of machining process accelerates milling process design, reduces cycle time, eliminates quality problems and maximize productivity

Accelerate machining process design and set up

Eliminate trial and error approaches and speed up the process between design stage and machining.

Reduce cycle time

Analysing the physics of the process, identify areas where process can be accelerated and cycle time is minimized without a compromise on part quality.

Eliminate unstable vibrations

Identify locations prone to excessive vibrations which could result in surface quality issues and get guidance to eliminate them

Sustainability is our focus

The ability to solve problems at the design stage minimises the scrap parts and energy consumed producing them

Keep dimensional errors below the tolerances

Modify machining process to achieve process requirements

Waste reduction

Machine right first time and minimise the material scrapped due to potential problems throughout the process.

Responsible production

Minimizing the waste achieves responsible production which is one of the sustainable development goals

Who we are.

We are a team on a mission to maximize productivity of machine tools

Erdem Ozturk

Managing Director

Huseyin Celikag

Technical Manager

Nese Ozturk

Business Development Manager

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