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Maximize Productivity

Increase productivity up to 110%, reduce cycle times by 53%, minimise machining design and set-up time by 20%, save 11% on tooling costs with our optimization apps.

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Run sustainable processes with first-time manufacture eliminating iterations and expensive prove-outs to avoid wasting time, energy & materials.

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Minimize tooling costs

Eliminate chatter vibrations to prevent wear and save on tooling costs. Produce quality parts with optimal surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

A machinist with years of experience can only guess what the ideal machine settings are; the optimum combination is not necessarily intuitive, but thanks to our unique stability map, we eliminate harmful chatter vibrations across the toolpath, providing increased productivity, superior part quality, and extended tool life. We also address the skills shortage in the industry by turning years of research into easy-to-use tools.

Dr Gareth Morgan, Managing Director of AML said,

Innovation of part of AML's DNA, we are constantly looking at innovative ways to improve our manufacturing processes and reduce the carbon footprint. Productive Machines ticked all the boxes and helped us become more competitive.

Introducing the SenseNC Suite

Process Enhancement

Transform your machining processes today. Eliminate trial-and-error iterations and get optimal feed rates and spindle speeds for your machine settings prior to manufacturing with our software.

In partnership with

Tap Testing Hub

Explore how Tap Testing enables Chatter-free milling bringing precision and efficiency. which gives shop floor operators the ability to maximize machine tool performance while cutting waste and improving product quality.


What are the benefits on offer ?

Optimizing your toolpaths with Productive Machines can lead to

  • Time, material and money all saved by reducing trial and error on your machine tool
  • Lower production cycle times and increased productivity
  • Extended tool life
  • Improved surface quality
  • Improved dimensional quality
  • Reduced need for post-manufacture inspections
How does Productive Machines compare to other solutions ?
  • Our unique stability map is able to identify and eliminate chatter vibrations on the whole toolpath before they cause any issues
  • Intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS), no need to train your engineers to use complex software;
  • Simple subscription service, no need for large capital investment
What problems does chatter cause ?
  • Lower surface finish and dimensional accuracy
  • Increased tool wear and cutting tool costs
  • Increased maintenance costs on machine tool
  • Increased noise level coming from the process
  • Increased waste of material
How can we identify if we have chatter vibrations?
  • Aside from chatter marks in your workpiece and low tool life you may also notice increased noise levels during a process with chatter
  • Machine tends to vibrate close to its natural frequencies in addition to the frequency of chip removal
What CAM programs can you work with?
  • Currently our solutions works best with Siemens NX but we are developing APIs to help us work better with other CAM programs
  • Some of our web apps don’t require a toolpath to optimize

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High performance

High Performance Computing with Productive Machines

Productive Machines use high performance computing to carry out millions of calculations in parallel reducing the waiting time to optimize toolpaths to a matter of minutes or hours.



AML's Success with Productive Machines

By maximising the efficiency of machine tools, Productive Machines empowers machinists to achieve superior quality parts faster and with greater precision.


Process Enhancement

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