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TapStarter Bundle - Promotional Launch

We put together a starter kit so you can get optimizing, what you'll get :

Tap Test Hardware Kit

DigiTap Standalone Software

Tap Test Training

Spindle Speed Optimizer Web App

Feed Rate Optimizer Web App

Tap Test
Hardware Kit

  • Impact Hammer & Cabling
  • Accelerometer & cable( a spare accelerometer is also provided)
  • Data Acquisition Box (DAQ)
  • USB-A Cable to connect to PC

Tap Test
Software - DigiTap

A Tap Test identifies the dynamic response (FRF data) of the tooling assembly for milling operations. DigiTap is a software that collects, structures, stores and analyses FRFs. This is used as input to predict the vibration behaviour of the cutting tool during machining.

Tap Test

Tap Testing is an easy-to-learn, quick-to-apply technique that can be carried out outside production runs. The training will cover how to get a unique fingerprint of the machine tool. We can offer operators both remote or on-site training.

Spindle Speed

The Spindle Speed Optimizer app helps engineers to select the right set of parameters for profiling providing spindle speed and depth of cut combinations to achieve stable milling processes. It requires FRF data.

Feed Rate

This web app offers instant optimized feed rates applied to straight milling operations with a flat end cutter. It can be used for process planning of untested milling operations to diagnose production issues.

Why use tap testing in combination with
Productive Machines web apps?

To predict and identify the stability of machining operations against chatter vibration before cutting any metal

To assess the process transferability between the machine tools in the shop floor

To support the machine tool acceptance tests

Identify safe spindle speeds for machining by combining an understanding of the behaviour of the installed cutting tool and tap testing.

Plans and Pricing for our Apps

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TapStarter - Launch Bundle

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Predictive Maintenance

Inspect the health of your spindle to extend tool life and prevent downtime
(requires FRF data).

Feed Rate

Apply optimal feed rates to optimize the cutting forces of your machining process to increase speed.

£49/month billed annually

(when billed annually)

Essential Optimization

Apply optimal Feed Rates and Spindle Speeds to achieve the fastest chatter-free results (requires FRF data).


(when billed annually)