Revolutionising Machining with the Best Feed Rate Optimization in the World (SenseNC Feeds)

Finding the optimal feed rate is crucial for maximising productivity and minimising costs in machining operations. At Productive Machines, we have developed a revolutionary feed rate optimization solution that stands out in the industry. This article will explore why our feed rate optimization is the best in the world and how it can transform your machining operations.

The Challenge of Feed Rate Optimization

Traditionally, feed rate selection for various machining operations has been a manual and time-consuming process. Engineers tend to rely on cutting tool manufacturers' suggestions based on feed per tooth values or their own experience. The feed rates are often set at CAM software level for complex toolpaths but setting steady feed rates may leave productivity on the table. Feed rates often influence the magnitude of cutting forces and hence, dimensional errors and surface roughness. Setting constant feed rates does not take into account the ever changing cutting conditions, such as axial and radial engagement, and that can result in dimensional errors.

After manufacturing a component, an iterative cycle starts where feed rates are adjusted to meet surface roughness and tolerance requirements. There is software in the market today to address this issue by optimising material removal rate or cutting force based feed rate. Thanks to this kind of software, it is possible to change feed rates dynamically across the toolpath however it introduces a complexity into the equation; it requires machining process engineers to define limiting process parameter conditions (such as maximum allowable forces, chip thickness limits etc.). Setting up these conditions is not easy and often subjective leaving engineers baffled on how to choose the right combination of constraints for the software to work.

Ultimately, what engineers decide on the feed rates needs to be tested in real machining operations and updated several times. This trial-and-error method is iterated until issues like tool breakage, and poor surface finish are prevented. In the end, this approach requires in-house expertise resulting in inefficiencies, longer lead times and possibly lower productivity levels.

Automatic Feed Rate Optimization

Our solution at Productive Machines is the first of its kind to offer fully automatic feed rate optimization. This means that you no longer need to input subjective values or rely on guesswork. Our advanced algorithms consider numerous factors , such as chip load, cutting force, surface quality, and machine tool torque and power limitations. By analysing these parameters altogether, our software automatically determines the optimal feed rate for your toolpaths .

The automation of this process eliminates the time and resources spent on the process design stage as well as on the machine to define the right process conditions and hence the optimal feed rates. Engineers can now rely on consistent, high-quality results that maximise efficiency and productivity. The automation of our solution ensures that the feed rates are neither too conservative nor too aggressive, striking the perfect balance to enhance machining performance.

Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of our feed rate optimization solution is its ease of use. The solution is integrated within popular CAM systems like Siemens NX and Mastercam (and many more to follow). This integration allows optimization of feed rates with just a few clicks within your existing CAM software, not diverting manufacturing workflow and storing all machining related information in CAM ensuring traceability .

Our solution also features a productivity slider, allowing engineers to fine-tune the feed rates. This slider ranges from 1 (most conservative) to 7 (most aggressive). By default, the automatic setting is placed at 5, which Productive Machines identifies as the optimal safe feed rate. Engineers can adjust the slider based on specific situations to tailor the feed rates to their precise requirements.

How It Works

Our feed rate optimization is a multi parameter optimization algorithm that optimises feed rates by considering many constraints at the same time. The considered constraints include cutter and machine tool capabilities, and the required final surface finish. By evaluating these factors, our software intelligently determines the optimal feed rate while respecting all the constraints.

This approach not only improves your machining process and productivity but also minimises tool breakage , leading to considerable cost savings. The optimised feed rates enable faster cycle times and higher throughput, allowing you to achieve more with your existing resources.

Industry-Leading Innovation

Our feed rate optimization solution is unmatched in the industry. There is currently no other software or platform capable of delivering the same level of automatic optimization with such ease of use and precision. We are proud to be pioneers in this field, offering a tool that transforms the way machining operations are conducted.


At Productive Machines, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of milling processes. Our automatic feed rate optimization solution sets a new standard for the industry, providing ease of use and efficiency. By eliminating the need for manual input and guesswork, our software ensures high levels of productivity gain. Experience the future of machining with Productive Machines and see how our innovative solution can revolutionise your operations.

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